Dallas IGDA Candidate statement (Or I’m at it again)

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Blogroll, Life, School/Work

I’m running for the board of Directors of the Dallas IGDA chapter, below is my candidate’s statement. If you are voting please feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

Dallas is set to be one of the power houses of the US game industry, the area is brimming with local talent and more is arriving every day. Because of this, the Dallas IGDA has the opportunity, the need even, to become one of the largest, most active and exciting chapters in the world. Local chapters are the heart of the IGDA and, if elected to the board of directors, I will help take it to the next level. My number one priority is to strengthen and grow the community. This will be accomplished in number of different ways, including:

  • Develop and implement regular monthly meetings with high-quality speakers, panels, and round tables. These presentations will focus on building games, growing individuals, and strengthening studios all at the professional level.
  • Formally implement social and networking events (in addition to the regular monthly meeting), to unify the community, and create professional connections and friendships.
  • Help local students learn about and break into the industry, by holding at least two special student focused meetings a year.
  • Working closely with the national IGDA board of directors to give back to the community and strengthen our local chapter
  • Record the monthly meetings and make them available online for those who can’t attend

Now about me, I have loved games my entire life and first started making them when I was 12 years old. I attended Full Sail University and got my BS in Game Design and Development. After college I moved to the Philadelphia area to work at a local casual game studio, Megatouch Games. I worked there for 3 years  first as a programmer, then as a designer and later, lead designer. While at Megatouch, I shipped over 25 casual titles . Along with local members of the IGDA I helped founded the VGI Philly in May of 2009 to help foster industry growth. I have spoken at several conferences including: Wizard World, GDC, GameX, PAX East, Gameloop Philly and GCECS. I have also worked on giving back to the student community by speaking at local schools and writing for GameCareerGuide.com. In 2010, I was elected as Chair of the Philly IGDA chapter and helped make it one of the premier chapters in the USA. As chair, I helped charter the chapter, implement regular monthly meetings, hosted several game jams, and local studio showcases (averaging around 200 attendees), and grew the chapter from around 10 average participants to 70. In May of 2011, I accepted a job at id Software as a Technical Producer on Rage and Doom 4, which brought me to the beautiful city of Dallas. If elected to the board, I will use all of this experience to help make the Dallas IGDA a great chapter.

  1. Christian Plummer says:

    I’d just like to say as a member of the Philly IGDA Chapter that Grant is an awesome guy. He always seemed to find time to talk/listen to people. If he didn’t know the solution to your problem he knew who did.

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