Moving On

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Life, School/Work

It is with excitement that I’m announcing that I have accepted a Technical Producer position at id Software in Dallas, Texas!! This is a huge move for me and my career and I’m extremely excited. But this means I will be leaving Philly and the all the awesomeness that is here. I have included my letter to the Philly IGDA Chapter.

Hello Chapter, 

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter to inform you that I will be stepping down as the Chair of IGDA Philly later this month. The reasons for my departure though are not sad but are in fact super exciting for me personally, I have accepted a Technical Producer position with id Software in Dallas, TX. This is a huge opportunity for me and my career and I could not pass it up. But it is with sadness that I leave Philly and the Philly IGDA. I would like to thank all of you for be so excellent over the last year that I have been the chair of this chapter.  Together, you the members and our awesome leadership team have made the Philly IGDA one of the premier chapters in the USA, one that is looked at as “doing it right”. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
Now on to what is happening next. Matt Brenner, the current Vice-Chair, will be stepping into the interim-Chair position when I depart. Matt has been crucial to the success of the chapter and I couldn’t have done it without him. Matt will be an excellent leader of the chapter and I pray that you all treat him with as much excitement, kindness and enthusiasm as you have treated me. The IGDA Philly is bigger than any one person, the Chair is a figure head position who serves YOU, the members of the chapter, so lets not let this slow down the growth and awesomeness of this chapter. We have a ton of great events planned for the next few months and it is going to be a great year in Philly!! (May and June alone will see 8 games released locally). There is also a LOT of work to be done still, so if you can please step up and volunteer with the chapter, we can always use the help. The goals that we on the leadership team set for the chapter this year have only partly been reached, but there are still 7 months left! 
I want to also thank Tristin Hightower and Allison Berman for there work for the organization. Tristin has been part of the leadership longer than anyone and does more than you guys will ever no behind the scenes, I would have been a crappy Chair without her always pushing me to get things done and keeping me organized. Alli stepped up in a big way when we needed a new secretary and has always been a great help even when she didn’t have internet. Treat them well, the chapter needs awesome people like them. 
The May 14th meeting (A marketing meeting!) will be my last meeting, followed by (as usual) drinks and food at Mikey’s. I would love to see all of you one last time at this meeting, so please come out in force.
It is hard for me to leave Philly during such an awesome time, and again I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for an amazing last year here. I couldn’t ask for a better chapter to help runs, you guys are great friends.
See you soon,
Grant Shonkwiler
Chair IGDA Philly (for one last time)

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