Philly IGDA Elections Take 2

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Life, School/Work

So a brief history. The Philly chapter of the IGDA was officially chartered this year, part of chartering was writing our bylaws. Within the bylaws are the rules on elections. When writing this section we decided that there should be elections every year in December, the positions would be held for two years,  and two positions would be up for reelection each year. So to get things started rolling correctly the position I currently hold, Chair, and Secretary are up for reelection. I have decided to run again because my work here is not finished yet! So here is my candidate statement. This was actually a really good idea because it allowed me to think about what we have done in the last few months, and what we are going  to do in the months to come.


It has been an exciting and crazy year here in Philadelphia, both for sports and for the game industry. Let me start by recapping some of the amazing accomplishments we have made within the IGDA Philadelphia Chapter this year. Before I do that, let me say “Thank You” to our awesome chapter members; without you guys this chapter would be nothing. Your support and enthusiasm has made our chapter become one of the premier chapters in the organization. I also want to thank our awesome leadership team who did a great job this year.

Now to recap what has happened: First off, the chapter is chartered! This is great news because it allows us to get insurance, get a bank account, and start raising support and get grants from IGDA National to buy cool stuff. Secondly, we locked down a time and location for monthly meetings. After doing this, we saw attendance and participation rise, thanks to UPenn and Drexel being our gracious hosts this past year. We held our first student focused meeting, which was an amazing event and we can’t wait to do it again. In addition, we had an awesome local showcase, which is going to become an annual event and just last month we got a new, awesome logo! We also had a ton of amazing speakers and some great after parties. Those are just some of the highlights of this year.

I’m sure you are wondering, “Okay that is cool, but where do we go from here?” Well let me answer that for you. If I’m re-elected to chair, I will continue all of the awesome initiatives and events that we started this year, including the student meetings and the showcase. The industry is growing extremely fast here in Philly and it is time to use the IGDA to take this growth to the next level.  As Chair, my number one priority will be to strengthen and grow the community. This will be accomplished in a number of different ways:

  1. Further develop and enhance regular monthly meetings with high-quality speakers, panels, and round tables. These presentations will focus on topics that you, the local developer, find interesting and tangible.
  2. Formally implement social and networking events, which unify the community, and create professional connections and friendships.
  3. Work on developing and relaunching the Philly Game Jam
  4. Work with studios, the government, and investors to foster the growth of the industry in the Greater Philadelphia area
  5. Help sponsor local events, including a potential local game conference
  6. Work closely with the national IGDA board of directors to give back to the community and strengthen local chapters
  7. Record our meetings and make them available online for those who can’t attend the meetings
  8. Host a Global Game Jam site in January

Now about me: I have loved games my entire life and first started making them when I was 12 years old. I attended Full Sail University and acquired my BS in Game Design and Development. After college, I moved to the Philly area to work at a local casual game studio, Megatouch Games. I started with the studio as a programmer, and I am currently a designer. Along with local members of the IGDA, I helped found the VGI Philly in May of 2009 to help foster growth of the industry. In 2009, I was a speaker at several conferences, including: Wizard World, GDC, GameX and GCECS. I am focused on giving back to the student community by speaking at local schools and writing for In 2010, I was elected as Chair of the Philly IGDA chapter and have helped make this chapter awesome with the rest of the chapter leadership. If re-elected chair, I will use all of this experience to help make the Philly IGDA a great chapter.


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