Wow, it has been a while.

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Life, School/Work

Well my bad, I have kind of dropped the ball on blogging once again. But that just means that life has taken up all of my time. And let me tell you this last few months have been crazy and awesome. So I’ll break this down into a few quick updates, IGDA, Work, Life, VGI Philly, Other.

First off The IGDA, the Philly chapter has been going awesome, we recently became Chartered which was part of our big push when the new leadership was brought in. This was several months of work sifting through legal documents reading and re-writing them to be just perfect for our chapter. Now that it is done we are a legal entity, we have a bank account and are starting on sponsorship packages. We have also seen some pretty great growth in the chapter as well as some real buy in to the community. I couldn’t ask for a more passionate and open community and a rocking Leadership team. They seriously make this position a joy.

Work. Well first off it is crazy busy, ever since I switched to full-time designer I have been constantly busy, this is a good thing, and learning like crazy. I love it!! We are about to release our Fall software and there are some super awesome games on there. This year we did a lot more internal testing before we did our external Betas and that really has helped us polish up our games. I also started doing gameplay focus tests, where I would work with a programmer on a few different things and then grab some people who hadn’t seen the game and have them sit down and play the game several different ways. This has been extremely helpful and I feel like the newer games are the best games to ever be on a Megatouch Machine!! I have also been helping out with a DS port of some of our games that is being developed by Double Tap and will be published by WB. Double tap has done an amazing job with the games and I’m super happy with them. It has also been fun to work on a DS game even with my small involvement. Sadly I can’t talk about what we are currently working on, but I will say this. It will blow the socks off of the coin-op industry and will take our machines and games to the next level. I’m learning so much right now with the million different things I get to do at work.

More on work. Last month I got to go to Seattle for work, they sent me to Casual Connect. This was an extremely informative conference that really has its pulse on the casual games industry. I learned a ton from the talks and constantly had my mind blown by companies like PopCap and their process. I met a bunch of awesome new friends as well, Seattle is a pretty rocking place.

Now life. It is awesome!! A few months ago I was interviewed for a podcast where I talked a lot about how I got into the industry and why  (34:45-51:56). It was a blast and really cool to sit back and look at why exactly I do this awesome job. Some other amazing things have been happening in my life but if you are a normal reader you know I try to keep this blog mostly about game industry stuff, (Other than my top lists) so I won’t bore you with my life.

The VGI, well there is a ton going on with this but I’m not sure how much I can talk about right now. We are working with the government, we are working on attraction packages. We recently had a group of international journalist come and do some articles on both the VGI and the local game scene (Pretty sweet to see myself in a German Magazine).  Another fun note, when the VGI started last year we knew of 4 local game studios, now there are 19!!! I think that is pretty good growth in a year! Hopefully more will come on the VGI in the next few months.

Other stuff, um….I think that is most of it. Rugby has started back up and our team looks pretty awesome so we will see how that goes. Here is hoping I don’t take forever to blog again!!


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