Top Films of 2009

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Life

So this year was a bit of a slow year for me, I only saw around 40 new movies, but most of them were great. It has been a really fun year for movies as well, a lot of great popcorn flicks that were just a blast to watch. These last few weeks I have been watching a ton of movies and surprisingly only three movies that I have seen in the two months have made it on my list. So here it is, my top thirteen movies of 2009.

The Hurt Locker
District 9
(500) Days of Summer
The Damned United
The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Julie and Julia
The Informant
Up in the Air

Honorable Mention:  Star Trek, Public Enemies, Inglorious Bastards, The Road, An Education, Bright Star, Sherlock Holmes, Crazy Heart

Worst Movie: Year One.

Movies I still need to see: Brothers,  A Single Man, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The Young Victoria, The Messenger, Pirate Radio

  1. sister says:

    So the two I’ve seen on your list were AT your house. Sad me… No Precious?!

  2. gshonk says:

    I really did not like Precious. It was too dark even for me. I had a very hard time watching it, the acting was amazing just not my top of film.

  3. Darin says:

    great list – Hurt Locker is definitely on another level, should win Best Picture easily. The first 30 minutes of UP was probably my favorite stretch of film all year, but then it plateaued for me. So, you didn’t like “A Serious Man?”

  4. gshonk says:

    Yea the first 30 minutes of UP were incredible. A Serious Man just didn’t do it for me, I love the Coen brothers and usually really like their Dark Comedies, but I just didn’t really get this one. There were a few parts that were really funny, but I felt more sorry for the guy than thought it was funny.

  5. Mike Belotti says:

    (500) Days of Summer and Up In The Air were both really good. So was Up. I agree with most of this list!

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