Follow Up

Posted: April 9, 2009 in Life, School/Work

For those of you who attended GDC don’t forget to follow up with all of the new contacts you made. Be they on Facebook, Linkedin, or email, make sure you say it was nice to meet you. Once again it was great to meet all of you at GDC this year.

We are finally catching up at work from the week off. Wednesday the 15th is our code lock down for our spring release, so we are crunching hard to get all of the bugs out and it looks like we are going to finish on time! Also our newest game was just released on the App store for FREE!!  You can also check out the release on IGN.

I am also super excited that I got tickets to the Muse/U2 concert in NYC on September 24th. Muse is one of my favorite bands and I have been wanting to see them live for over 6 years.

  1. sister says:

    I think you neglected to add the fact that this was in NYC. Hope you got a ticket for the person you’re hoping to crash with. My new roomie might be slightly disappointed if you didn’t.

  2. Trevin says:

    It was nice to meet you, sir. Let’s make a game someday that makes us both rich and famous.

  3. gshonk says:

    I agree Trevin let us make an indie game 😛

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