GDC: Day 5 Friday

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Life, School/Work

Friday was a very tired day, since I didn’t get to sleep until 5am and had to wake up at 7am. Luckily sense I was speaking at 4pm I was and I was running on adrenaline all day. I spent most of the day to tired to go to a session and learn, so most of the day I walked around and meeting and hanging out with people (Just a note I do go to a lot of sessions but I generally don’t attend a lot of tech heavy ones when sleepy so I can listen to them later and actually learn). I went to Darius’s (see side links) talk, who besides losing his voice still held a QA session (Mad props my friend!) which was great, and he still had a ton of people show up even though the official session was canceled.  After that was my turn and let me tell you the adrenalin was pumping. The room started filling right after Darius finished, and while we set up and hung out for a while we realized how many people were gonna show up. The room filled and there were easily over 600 people sitting in the seats and also lining the walls. Thanks to everyone who turned out, especially my fellow CAs you guys rock. It seemed to go really well and we spent a long time afterwards hanging out cards and answering questions. (If you are here from that welcome!) I also have to say thanks and great job to my fellow panelists Samantha and James, and Jim for being an awesome moderator and calming us all down.

After that was one final meal then the CA postmortem. Then it was time for which hunt! I fell asleep for real during a night phase and was killed in the morning because they said only witches sleep during the day.

All in all it was an amazing GDC, I met tons of people and had a great time hanging with all of them as was learning a ton of new and awesome stuff. One thing to note, this GDC was smaller than last years, with fewer attendees and a smaller expo. But even with that it was an amazing year.

Thanks to Tronster Hartley for the photos

The Panel: Jim, James, Samantha, Me

Jim, James, Samantha, Me

Shot of some of the people attending the session

Shot of some of the people attending the session

  1. Trevin says:

    Was GDC really smaller this year? I’m not saying you’re wrong, maybe you know this for a fact. But I didn’t notice.

    Maybe it just seemed smaller because you were so experienced as a CA 😀

  2. Ben Close says:

    Hey Grant!

    I spoke to after your presentations on Friday! Btw, I really enjoyed the presentation, I was quite surprised and how well of a speaker you are, haha. I started in game development and communication is not everyone’s strong point. Anyway, I spoke to about trying to get in contact with someone from Bungie and your recommend I check your friends on here. I looked around but didn’t see the guy you mentioned. Maybe I can get a hint or two?

    Thanks for your time!


  3. Hey man,

    Yeah your panel was slightly useful to me, probably extremely to most and entertaining none the less. Was nice to meet you in person. I’m def going to apply to be a CA sooner next year just so I can experience more of the conference.

  4. JW says:

    What was the focus of your talk? Would you be able to post your presentation or other materials in a new post?

    Finally, here’s a biggie for ya, from someone who sadly could not attend this year: What do you think is the most important thing you learned/experienced at GDC? If you had to pick, which was your favorite session overall?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  5. gshonk says:

    Hey JW,

    The focus of the talk was a panel of three recent hires in the game industry and how their process to get interviews and how the interview itself went. The presentation should be up on soon. I know for people who had an all access pass they can watch the video of it now on the site.

    As for the most important thing from GDC, I would have to say networking for sure. I met so many awesome people this year that are involved in this fantastic industry. A part from the networking and parties I would say my favorite session was probably the IGDA Round table I worked or the last session of the Casual games summit.


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