Getting things done.

Posted: March 14, 2009 in Life, School/Work

I am currently reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. This is a fantastic book about getting organized and being able to finish everything you need to finish. While the book is mostly aimed at CEOs and upper management I have still been able to work on a lot of the practices. I have started putting most of the theories and practices into um…practice and they are working phenomenally. I would highly recommend this book if you are constantly saying “I don’t have enough time”. Now hopefully that I am finishing up all of these other projects I’ll be able to get cracking on my side project. Here is hoping.

Leaving for GDC in one week!

  1. Protector one says:

    Oh noes! Another GTD evangelist! May I ask what specifically, worked ‘phenomenally’?

  2. gshonk says:

    Well so far I have been using the IN and ACTION items and doing that has helped just keep things in line. Also it inspired me to clean up all of my existing paperwork and finish up all of the little things that needed finishing but only took a minute.

    But the methods for keeping things off your mind and in a single place has really been the most helpful.

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