Official announcement of games.

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Life, School/Work

Well they have officially announced the games I have been working on at Merit since I have been there. Take a look at them here. I have worked on almost all of these games as well as a few others most of these I just did bug fixes, translation or small feature adds. I am currently finishing up one new game as well as continuing to support/work on another game that I was a programmer on (due to new games I was moved away from that project). It is busy busy busy here. My side project has been put on hold to let me catch up on some reading/gaming/baseball/movie watching, but eventually I will get back to it. Also fun thing I learned this week that all game developers should know, you can write off games on your taxes as a business expense. Odd yes a little till you really think about it. Man I love my job.



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