The Juices are Flowing!

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Life

So I am not sure what the change has been recently, maybe being in a professional game development atmosphere everyday or the fact that I have free time and am playing games again, but the creative juices are flowing in me again. This last week has been really crazy I have woken up early a few times with an idea burning in my brain so I have to wake up and write it down.  On the way to New York City Monday night some ideas came screaming into my brain while on the Chinatown bus. I am super excited about these ideas. I have decided I am going to learn Flash so I can prototype these ideas and see if they are going to be fun or not.

So how does this effect things at work? Well I told my lead I wanted to learn flash and he offered to help and told me if I get time at work to start trying stuff. Also Thursday I was sitting in my cube talking to the guy next to me when we started talking music, this lead to an insane game idea that was sort of a joke. I told all of the guys at work and they laughed and said it was funny but wouldn’t work. Then our Creative Director came over and just too keep it up I pitched it to him, he laughed said it wasn’t bad and walked away. Flash forward 15 minutes and here he comes back to my cube and says that he loves the idea and has started to flesh it out and he thinks we might MAKE IT!!! So we talked for about 10 minutes on what we could do to keep it awesome, we will see what happens with it.

In other news I saw Bob Dylan on Tuesday night in New York City, my sister signed me up to work the show so I got to stand about 20 feet from the stage for FREE!!! It was awesome, he is getting old though. Also I beat Metal Gear Solid 4 today, awesome game if you don’t mind the overload of cutscenes and storyline. But as Matt said “I wouldn’t want my Metal Gear any other way.”

Till next time,



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