Three Weeks In

Posted: August 10, 2008 in School/Work

Well I’m back. It has been a crazy last month, vacation at home, wisdom teeth pulled, moving to Philly, starting a new job, multiple visits to the big sister in New York City, but it is all settling down now. So that kind of sums it all up but now to talk about stuff more fun.

So what has it been like my first month at Merit. Well it has been pretty awesome when I came in I had a week of training and time to just get used to their systems. The next week I jumped right into the major task of overhauling their sound manager. At first this started out as a simple task add pausing, that took twenty minutes, but then my Lead came over and we started talking and came up with this whole system we wanted to do with the sound engine. So basically I took the Sound Group design from FMOD and implemented it in the merit sound engine. This was fun but kind of hard mostly because no one at the studio had ever really touched the engine so I had to learn it inside and out then start my work. It also was a bit of a challenge coming back to coding after a five week break. But after two weeks I have it all done and we are having a code review on Monday to make sure everything is cool. I’m loving the studio the guys are awesome and we get free food all the time.

Now for a movie break…

OK so if you have not seen The Dark Knight and WALL E you need to now. No NOW. Alright so if you have done that enjoy with me the return of American blockbuster films to actual cinematography. They were both near perfect films and very likely to be near the top of my list at the end of the year.

Now I also wanted to comment on dodgeball no not the movie the actual game. Last week I went up to NYC to play dodgeball with my sister and her friends. I just have to say I am a beast if this was an Olympic sport I would be on the USA team yea I rock. 😉

Well that is about it I still want to write a postmortem for Smashout but I’m not sure when I will get time to do it. That is about all I have for now.


PS I finally updated my website it is snazzy now. 🙂


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