Posted: July 2, 2008 in Life, School/Work

Well folks that is it. I’m done, finished. For those who haven’t played it here is the final version of my final project Smashout 1.1. The game ended up being amazing and the presentation was amazing the whole crowd got into it cheering and jumping up and down. It was a great time but now school is over, I graduated last friday and to celebrate I went skydiving (most amazing thing I have ever done).

So what am I up to now, well currently I am sitting in a library in Burlington, Ky because my parents do not have the interent, I will be back home for about three weeks since I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled Wednesday. Then it is off to Philidalphia, PA where I will be working as a game programmer at Merit Entertainment ( I am extremly excited and feel like this is the perfect place for me to go. It was a long and crazy path to end up with this job I submited my resume to close to 100 companies and interviewed with four and ended up getting offers from three, but I know I picked right.

For those of you still looking for jobs or are students don’t ever give up and start looking early. I would like to thank Rob Coble from Full Sail for setting me up with the Merit interview. Those of you attending or going to attend Full Sail get to be really good friends with this guy he is awesome.

Now to switch back to the game for a moment. There will be a postmortem at some point and time from me on the blog but currently like I said I do not have the internet at home but it will get done.

Thanks for everyone who has supported me to achieving my dream.


  1. jillduffy says:

    Send me that postmortem when it’s ready!

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