Time to update

Posted: June 1, 2008 in School/Work

Well it is about time I updated everyone on what I have been up too and how everything is going. So what have I been up to well to sum it up in one word SMASHOUT. Yea that is about all I have done for last two months. It has been awesome so far on the project I have done the scheduling most of the documentation and all of the fun leadership stuff. But I have also got to code a lot which has been awesome so far I have done a Sound system using the FMOD api. , and an effects system that wraps up my sounds and another team members particle effects and makes them all scripted with XML. What I am most proud of so far is the profile system this is something that initially I was not supposed to write but as the project went on we realized that I was two weeks ahead on my schedule and the guy who was supposed to write it had way to much scheduled so I got to do it. It is pretty awesome and stores all of your data and lets you have multiple profiles per game.

Other than work I have been playing rugby with the Orlando Rugby Club and trying to enjoy my last few months of school by taking in as much of Orlando as I can.  A few weeks back me and Matt went and saw Blue Man Group at Universal I highly recommend this to anyone who has a chance to go, it is amazing. Well we have about 17 days left until turn in then just another few weeks till I graduate on the 27th of June It has been a crazy fun ride. I’ll try to update more regularly as the project winds down.


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