It has been a while.

Posted: April 12, 2008 in School/Work

It has been a while dear reader (and internet) since I have blogged my brains out. I should decide on some structure before I begin writing this but whatever I’ll roll with it. Ok this will be a retrospective on the last few months including GDC and the beginning of my final project. There structure.

First off GDC, O man it was so much fun. First off I got accepted as part of the conference associates program, every year 300 people are picked to help work the conference, some how I got picked. This was probably one of the greatest things ever to get picked for this. Not only did they pay for my ticket, they helped get me a hotel for dirt cheap. So what did I do as a CA. Well anything that needed done mostly I worked sessions which meant I went early to a session met the speaker and did anything they need and helped people coming to the session. This was great because I got to meet tons of great people doing this. Now I could go in depth as to what the sessions were but that was a while ago and I can’t really remember most of them. But they were all great.

In all it was a great week I met a ton of awesome people through the CA program and the conference in general. If you get a chance to be a CA at GDC do it.  Also I got to play in a charity poker tournament that lets just say everyone there was way above my pay grade 🙂 and I did really well.

Since then I have been working my butt of in final project trying to make a great game. You can check the current build out using the link to the right. We have 3 months left to finish up the game and polish it up. Also I finally beat Bioshock after 4 months of playing. It was amazing very well done game, I had a few complaints here and there but in all one of the best games of last year. There are some more sweet things going on which I will write about in a later post. Until then later,



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