OpenGL project

Posted: October 20, 2007 in School/Work

Here are some pictures of my openGL project from last month. This was an awesome class taught by Richard Wright the author of The OpenGL Super Bible. Along with this class we also had MAR1 a assembly programming class.

Everything in the scene was completely hand modeled and crafted. Including most of the textures.

The front of the level. The Diner inside of a small skybox filled with white fog to set the mood. The windows and door are transparent with textures applied.




A closer look at the front door with the awesome menu banners.

A view of the bar. Things to notice. Bar stools, Foot rest, Pie holder with spinning pies. Singing in the rain poster 🙂

Here is where i spent most of my time to get the look of a booth I needed to hand model a curved surface I ended up using a thing in openGL called NURBS ( Non Uniform Rational Basis, or Bézier Spline). This took me a good two days of research and work to figure out how to use. After getting the look I wanted I asked my teacher if there was an easier way he said no but he was in shock that I figured out how to use NURBS. Apparently no one really uses them 😐

Hand modeled table and chairs.

Another shot of the bar. And back room.

Another angle of the whole scene.

Closer shot of the pies.

Also today was the Rugby World Cup Final. Congrats to South Africa on a good win. It was a great world cup. Can’t wait for 2011.



  1. Kirk Squires says:


    Congrats on your blog. I hope that it provides you help on your objectives.

    Kirk Squires
    MS in Entertainment Business Student

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