End of my first group game project.

Posted: September 5, 2007 in School/Work

Alrighty then so I didn’t post a blog every week like I said I would. I didn’t even make it for once a milestone. My bad but other things are much more important like making a great game. Or at least I think it is a great game because I love playing it. It has been an extremely long and hard two months working on this game. I loved and hated every minute of it. I have finally realized how much I love making games, programming, and working with/leading a team.
Ok lets take it back to where I left off (I am not going to post all of the milestone scores because I don’t remember them all) we worked for two weeks on our engines and tools, this was a completely new experience for all of us since we had never made tools before. I ended up spending a lot of extra time tweaking my editor and engine (for the 2d animations) since Kisor would be using it as much (ended up being more) as me. We ran into some problems with communication and integration during that first month but it was all smoothed out.
During the second month I began working on the AI for the enemies in the game and all of the game sounds. It turns out that we had two of Kisors friends want to make our sounds and soundtrack for us so that was super awesome. The AI was a lot of fun to work on and an interesting experience. And the sounds were just super fun. That was our alpha milestone.
Next was our Beta milestone. I had to write up a tutorial level (which meant that we needed to design a level as a team) and make mini games and do anything else that needed done (that ended up being my job a lot in fact the whole group worked on each others stuff all through out the month this helped in the long run).
The tutorial level was a snap and the mini games were just funny I designed them all off of things in day to day life (sorta) 1. is a baby kicking(more like bouncing game) in which you must keep the baby in the air for so long (this was my producers idea) 2. Was based off the song “99 red balloons” you shoot down red balloons. 3. Was a male bathroom etiquette game (more like a quiz on how to act in the restroom).
After that was just bug testing and polish. So another team took our game (now with 4 levels 3 mini games and a boss [I did the AI for that one too]) and played it till they broke it then wrote down all the problems. Meanwhile we did the same for another team. This was pretty fun because we got to play another game and just break it. We were lucky that most of the bugs in our game were easy to fix. Then we had presentations which was awesome except I talked to long because I got really excited. And that’s about it.
I learned a ton this month mostly how to work with others and bring an idea to fruition.
I tried to keep it short and simple.
I’ve been playing System Shock 2 to recover. How did I miss that game o so many years ago


PS The game should be up on UdderPunch.com some time soon.


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