Outline of first group game (origonal post July 21)

Posted: September 4, 2007 in School/Work

Alright so the point of this new blog series is to keep you dear internet (and anyone who stumbles upon it. future employer *crosses fingers) informed on how my new project is going. Ok so now I am in a class called SGP Structures of Game Production and in this class we have 2 months to document plan design and program a group game. My team is Brown Noise Productions with Me, John, Christopher, Jacob and our associate producer Dave Brown (he is our labby/helper).
Our game. We are making a game called Overload: A coding nightmare. I am going to borrow Christopher’s blog here because he says it best. ”
We only had a single day to decide a game idea. We first asked our selves “Well who is our audience?”– other programmers of course! Next we decided on a platformer/shooter genre. We started basing our story off an overworked programmer. He has had a working streak for several days and he finally is on his way home. He is sleepless and tired soo what would any programmer do in this situation? Drink Red Bull. The game takes off from there. You try to get the programmer home before the effects of the red bull wear off. This is where it gets crazy. As the effects of the energy drink go down over time, you begin to see things! instead of people on the street you see classic video game characters! You have to fight your way to your nice comfy bed at home.” end Christopher’s section.
I play the role in this group of Project Officer. Basically I’m in charge of keeping the group on task and getting stuff done right and on time. Other duties include the Animation Engine and a tool to for making animations (aka making the guys move) Ai (O yea artificial intelligence I can’t wait. for real I am excited about this) and integration (getting all the code to work together) and Documenting the project’s progress and everything like that. And I also get to make 3 mini games. I get to yell at people and say it’s my job YES.
This week we worked super hard to perfect our game design document_ This document pretty much explains everything in the game from the story to the code, from the weapons to the menus its all in there. We worked about 8 hrs a day some 12 or more. it was a lot of work but because of it we know everything that is going to go into our game and it should make it easier. Today we met with out our teacher who graded our doc and paper prototype (a paper mock up of a level) I got a 147 out of 150 WOOT so almost perfect.
Now we start coding we are took today of to recuperate (and i read the new Harry Potter YAY it took me 1 day baby) then we are starting to work on our engines on Sunday. We have 2 weeks till our next milestone we have to have all of our engines and tools working. So a lot of work to due we have made our schedules and I think we are all working 8hrs a day plus class. So its gonna be crazy.
Well first week down gonna get crazy from here on out.
Laters all


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