First Game (origonal post July 20)

Posted: September 4, 2007 in School/Work

Alright once again I have neglected to inform the internet of my movements (Al Gore please forgive me, I will register reports more often). So the only reason I am writting this blog is to update you for my next blog which will be awesome. OK so when we left off I was going into the freaking hardest month yet. Software Archetecture and DirectX. OK so DirectX ended up not being hard even though the test were (DirectX is used to draw graphics on screen to interact with. AKA a real game). Software Archetecture may be one of the most important classes at this school but it is increadibly hard. In the class we learned advanced coding technecs and better was to structure our code and using algorithms and design patterns YAY. We also learned about Agile development, basically a cooler way to program in a company. Anywho it was a super hard class the first few days we learned how to use UML to document code and then we got paired up with a partner to code. All of that wasn’t very hard but the test were super hard. The midterm wasn’t so bad but the Final was the hardest test I have ever taken. ok so i passed both of those YEA.
Next month i had Media and Society online, basically how media and society interact this class was crap and I will not talk about it again it was stupidly easy. The other class was Structures of Game Design in this class we finally got to make games. The first project was a pair project where we made a clone of Space Invaders it was pretty much awesome and me and my partner rocked it. The secound one was simple “Make a game with a hero that shoots. By yourself. In 2 weeks.” HAHA Ok so i ended up really enjoying this and I rocked this class with an A and i got really good grades on all of my projects Tanks in space: But not really.….. Couple of pictures of my game.

Basically you move the tank around and shoot the grey aliens and the Big Green airplane. To get health you shoot the truck. And the Airplanes are your friends. This is the First part of a trilogy the secound part will be Tanks in space For real this time. and the Third Tanks on a Plane.(ps that is all a joke ) welp thats about it for this bunch now to write the cool blog.


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